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Long Life

Fit and Forget

Zero Maintainence

Use our battery and forget about maintainence.

Eco Friendly

40-60% less lead compared to other batteries.

Cost Effective

30-35% cost effective comparatively in the long run.

Welcome to PowerCap Battery

CEEPL was established in 1995 under the lineage of group company M/s Jagdish Electronics (I) Pvt. Ltd, Pune (Brandname:Power) who have been pioneers in High Tension Coils in India and have had a past experience of more than 25 years in this field.

CEEPL pioneered the Electronic Ignition Unit ( CDI + Ignition Coil) concept as a Value added solution which enables to raise reliability and reduce system costs and is the mainstay product. Present portfolio of solutions also include Magneto, Digital Ignition Advance-Controller, R/R Unit,Flasher, Electric Bicycle Controller and LED based vehicle lighting.

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