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4 Ah Hybrid Battery


Capacitance:  8.0 farad
Voltage:  15 V
Maximum Stored Endrgy:  Approx 900 J
Operating Temperature:  -15 °C to +50 °C
Weight:BSU 253 g + VRLA 713 g:  966 g
Cycle Life:  5,00,000 cycles
Life Time:  90,000 hrs
Over voltage protection:  >15.8 V

Main Features

Ultra-capacitor circuit is capable of giving full crank for starting the vehicle.

The purpose of VRLA Battery is to provide back-up for Ultra-capacitors.

Long life Ultra-capacitor circuit.

Zero Maintenance

Eco friendly ultra capacitor

Distilled Water not required

Easy installation and testing

36 months warranty on Ultra-capacitor.

18 Months warranty on VRLA Battery.

Hybrid 4

Yamaha R15 (ES)
Honda CB Dazzler (ES)
Honda Activa (ES)
Hero Hunk (ES)

Comparison between "Hybrid 4 with Sealed maintenance-free battery"

Parameter Hybrid 4 4 AH sealed Maintenance- Free battery
Life Ultra Capacitor Unit (10 years without maintenance) 24 months (without maintenance)
VRLA Battery (18 - 48 months)
Warranty Ultra Capacitor Unit (36 Months) Make E-24 months
VRLA Battery (18 Months)
Maintenance Not Required Charging Required
MRP* Ultra-Capacitor Unit - Rs. 890 /-

VRLA Battery - Rs. 395 /-

Total - Rs. 1185 /-

Make E- Rs. 1114
Make A- Rs. 1122
Make T- Rs. 1135
Initial charging Not Required Not required
Eco friendly 60% less Lead Contain harmful element like Lead
Short-circuit & over-voltage Over Voltage alarm No protection
Weight Light weight (0.97 kg) Heavy weight (1.5 kg)

Installation Instructions

When removed from packaging

  • Ensure fully charged VRLA 2.0Ah VRLA battery ie more than 12.5V
  • Connect the terminals of the 2.0 Ah VRLA battery with proper polarity as mentioned on the battery
  • Place the 2.0 Ah VRLA battery in the ULTRA-capacitor Unit
  • Clean the battery termninals,remove precipitaion / sulfphation due to acid

On the Vehicle

  • Place Hybrid battery in the space provided on the vehicle.
  • Connect vehicle wires to the Hybrid 4 terminals with correct polarity and fasten the nuts.
  • Start the vehicle and increase the throttle(accelerator) to 70% and wait for minute.


Ensure correct polarity (+/-). Do not short terminals.
Disconnect the VRLA battery when the vehicle is not in use or in case of an over voltage alarm If the vehicle does not start in first kick or while starting vehicle in morning / after long halt, please use kick to start the vehicle.
For automotive use only

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