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What is a Powercap Hybrid battery?

A powercap Hybrid battery is a combination use of Ultra-Capacitors and VRLA battery to provide an equivalent Electrical current required by a two wheeler to carry out its functions.

What is the advantage of having a Hybrid Power cap Battery?

  • No regular maintenance needed
  • Low replacement cost
  • Extended Life of Battery
  • Better cold weather performance
  • Reduced weight

Do I need initial charging?

Our batteries do not require any initial charging

How do I ensure the best performance from my battery?

  • Disconnect the VRLA battery when the vehicle is not in use for more than 15 days.
  • Do not add any extra light or horn onto the vehicle as it will consume a huge electrical load from the battery.
  • If the Vehicle does not start in the first two cranks the use the kick start option

What is an over voltage alarm?

The carrying of discharge beyond proper cell voltage; this activity shortens battery life.

How will I know if there is an Over voltage in my battery?

Our battery is fitted with an over Voltage Alarm Circuit which will sound an alarm in the event the battery voltage shoots over the limit level. A small buzzer sound is provided for an alert.

How does Powercap battery become cost effective in the long run?

The Ultra-Capacitors generally have a life of around 10 years or more . The only replacement is the VRLA battery every 2 to 3 years. If we are considering replacing the 5Ah battery, the VRLA battery of Powercap Hybrid is much cheaper than the traditional 5Ah lead-acid battery. As on date, in the open market, the price of a 2Ah VRLA battery is about Rs 395 as against Rs.1368 of a 5Ah lead-acid battery.

What are the features that should be considered when buying a battery?

Size: The dimensions of your original battery
Power: The Ampere hour required to power your vehicle
Warranty: Automotive batteries are backed by a warranty package. Choose the one that is right for your vehicle's needs.

When my vehicle won't start how do I know for sure if my battery needs to be replaced?

Many other problems can keep a vehicle from starting, so you need to do some troubleshooting. Check for the following or visit your nearest sub franchisee/mechanic

  • Faulty Key switch
  • Faulty Starter relay
  • Faulty starter motor
  • Faulty Starter clutch/Bendix
  • Short/leakage in wiring harness
If the above is fine, then you should get the battery checked and have it replaced with a new Powercap battery.

While replacing the battery or cleaning the terminals, why is it important to remove the ground wire first?

Before you start, always check the type of grounding system the vehicle has. If you remove the positive connector first in a negative ground system, a spark may be created in the process. It could happen if the metal tool you're using to remove the positive terminal connector comes in contact with any piece of metal in the car. If you are working near the battery when this occurs, it might create fire source causing the battery to explode. It's extremely important to remove the ground source first.

Can the 2Ah VRLA battery of some other brand be purchased separately and fitted?

No. The 2Ah VRLA battery is a custom made battery having certain dimension which can only fit into the Battery box designed by Powercap. So only a 2Ah VRLA battery of the powercap Brand can be fitted in.

What can excessive heat do to a battery?

Heat can deteriorate a battery's life quicker by evaporating the water from the electrolyte, and corroding and weakening the positive grids.

What is the life of a battery?

A Battery is a perishable good i.e it has a certain shelf life. Generally it is around 2 years after which the electrical charge inside it diminishes. So if you disconnect the battery when the vehicle is not in use for a long period, you may be able to derive a better life out of the battery.

Why maintenance free VRLA Battery? What is the difference between the traditional Lead Acid battery and a VRLA?

VRLA , also known as Valve regulated Lead acid battery is also a lead acid battery which is maintenance free. Flooded lead-acid batteries call for regular maintenance, such as topping-up of Acid and Distilled water, cleaning of +ve & -ve terminals eroded by the acid, maintaining the air-vent clear for easy escape of gases produced etc.

Why has the VRLA replaced the traditional lead acid battery. What are its advantages?

The Govt of India is doing away with the traditional Lead acid Battery as it is environmentally more hazardous than the VRLA battery.

What is online warranty?

Our Battery has a QR code which is scanned at the time of fitment onto the vehicle. The scanned details are automatically fed into our ERP system and can be retrieved upon scanning the QR code again. This does away the need of a physical warranty card. So even if you lose your physical warranty card, we will still be having your details with us.

Will I not get a physical warranty card?

Yes ofcourse you will. However even if you do not have your physical warranty card, the QR code on your battery is good enough for us to retrieve your warranty details as they are stored in our system at the time of fitment.

If any problem in battery during warranty, where to report. i.e Sub Franchisee or company customer care ?

You can take your battery to our nearest Sub Franchisee. You can call our Powercap customer care number to seek assistance regarding the nearest Sub-franchisee in your location.

How do I save in the long run using a Powercap Battery?

The Powercap Hybrid batteries consist of two parts. The Ultracapacitors and the VRLA battery. The ultracapacitors have known to last as long as 10 years. So the only cost would be replacing the VRLA battery probably every 2-3 years, which happens to be less than third the cost of a normal VRLA battery of our competition. Please refer to the warranty card or visit our website www.powercapbattery.com for more details.

Where can I buy a Powercap battery?

You can buy a powercap battery by contacting our nearest Sub franchisees based on your location. You can visit our website to know the details of our sub franchisee.

What is the biggest advantage of a Hybrid battery?

We claim that our biggest advantage is that our battery is more environment friendly than any other battery.
Lead, a major component in all batteries, if not handled with care after use, can become hazardous and seriously harm the environment and the people around. When smelted in open furnaces, by unauthorised smelters, scrap lead particles escape into the air. Unchecked, they infect workers, permeate the soil and contaminate groundwater, pollute all organic life: vegetation, fish, meat, poultry, livestock and human beings in the process.
Even a slight exposure to lead can cause severe kidney damage, cerebro-muscular failure, a slowing down of the nervous system, abdominal discomfort, anaemia, hypertension and other major diseases. In areas exposed to open lead furnaces, there have even been cases of spontaneous abortion.

How does lead pollution takes place through unauthorized smelting ?

  • Lead particles settling on the floor stick to clothes or are swept into dust.
  • Lead is released in workplace atmosphere as dust or fume.
  • Minute lead particles are ingested with food and drink.
  • Air borne particles settle on workmen's skin / clothing.
  • Lead particles being heavier enter soil and sub-soil.
  • Lead, inhaled by workmen, settles in the lungs

How can you save your children and the planet from lead poisoning?

Handle used batteries with care. As responsible citizens, keep the planet and the generations to come free of lead poisoning. We at Powercap collect used batteries at regular intervals from our Sub franchisees and have them recycled.
All you need to do is return your used battery to any of our authorised dealers. This will ensure that your used battery never pollutes the environment or endangers the health of your children. Let us join hands to keep life on earth clean, beautiful and sustainable.

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