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Long Life

Fit and Forget

Zero Maintainence

Use our battery and forget about maintainence.

Eco Friendly

40-60% less lead compared to other batteries.

Cost Effective

30-35% cost effective comparatively in the long run.

Launching New Product Solar Ultra-Cap LED Lamp

The Solar Ultra-Cap LED Lamp is fully solar-powered emergency Light, which can be used by population in rural areas with no electricity or erratic power supply. The whole package comes with a school bag, for the school children in these areas who can use this emergency light for studying when there is no electricity.

This emergency light will be useful at the time of natural calamities like Tsunami, Earthquake & Floud

  • Low cost
  • User renewable solar energy
  • Infinite life
  • Easy to carry, light weight

Welcome to PowerCap Battery

CEEPL was established in 1995 under the lineage of group company M/s Jagdish Electronics (I) Pvt. Ltd, Pune (Brandname:Power) who have been pioneers in High Tension Coils in India and have had a past experience of more than 25 years in this field.

CEEPL pioneered the Electronic Ignition Unit ( CDI + Ignition Coil) concept as a Value added solution which enables to raise reliability and reduce system costs and is the mainstay product. Present portfolio of solutions also include Magneto, Digital Ignition Advance-Controller, R/R Unit,Flasher, Electric Bicycle Controller and LED based vehicle lighting.

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